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 Through Life Coaching and Mentoring, we equip youth to overcome and thrive the challenges unique to their situation and to create a life they can be proud of.  

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With Joann as your life coach, I help my clients  live more successful, happy, and fulfilled lives.  We coach our clients  on  specific issues that affect people’s ability to grow, prosper and flourish

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Mind-Up For Youth



 joyful learning, academic success, and a powerful sense of self and community. 



 students who are able to engage in a focused, energetic way with one another, with their teachers, and with their learning. 



 What Is MindUP?

MindUP is a comprehensive, classroom-tested, evidence-based curriculum framed around 15 easily implemented lessons that foster social and emotional awareness, enhance psychological well-being, and promote academic success. The MindUP classroom is an optimistic classroom that promotes and develops mindful attention to oneself and others, tolerance of differences, and the capacity of each member of the community to grow as a human being and a learner. MindUP’s expansive dynamic is built to a large extent on routine practices that are inherent to the MindUP Curriculum. Over the course of the MindUP experience, students learn about the brain and how it functions, in the process gaining insight into their own minds and behaviors as well as those of the people around them.

How Does MindUP Work?
The essential work of MindUP is accomplished through the lessons themselves, which include the repetition of the Core Practice—deep belly breathing and attentive listening.